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Welcome to Paypal Wifi Prepaid Site.

Howto Install


1. The latest release of chillispot (http://www.chillispot.org)
2. The latest realeast of FreeRadius with experimental options (www.freeradius.org)
3. Apache, MySQL, and PHP
4. Paypal account and a Payment Data Transfer turned on, and a copy of your token for verification purposes.

Howto install:

1. Unzip the files to a directory under you root website.
2. Edit the config.inc.php to reflect your settings
You Will need your Paypal token - And Payment Data Transfer turned on.

3. Edit dbconnect.php to mirror your sql settings

The setting that will have to changed in these file is as shown
$my_host = "your.ip.address.here"; // your database host
$my_user = "username"; // your database user account
$my_pass = "password";// your database pass
$my_dbase = "radius"; // your database name

4. Edit the wifi.php & users.php in Connections folder to mirror your MySQL settings as well
I will combine these files in the future, just how it worked out for now.
The setting that will have to changed in these file is as shown

$MM_users_HOSTNAME = 'your.ip.address.here';
$MM_users_DATABASE = 'mysql:radius'; //THIS SHOULD BE RADIUS
$MM_users_USERNAME = 'username';
$MM_users_PASSWORD = 'password';

5. Add SQL file to MySQL or just add extra tables - radius.sql
You should already have installed your sql table for radius.
The .sql file we provide is our additional tables

The Additional tables are as follows:

6. The default username and password are: U: admin P: admin

7. Have fun and make money!

Developed by Dan Arbeau & Axis Computer Systems - Released GPL