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Welcome to Paypal Wifi Prepaid Site.

//We use this for testing - So we can see variable outputs at the top of the page
//We also use this mode when we are using the paypal sandbox

$debug = "0";
$debugmessage = "We are in debug mode - To use use in a live setting, please turn Debug off in the config file.";

//Branding parameters follow
$title = "Axis Computer Systems - Wifi Hot Spot";
$logo = "images/losmall.gif";
$hotspotname = "Axis Computer Systems";
$slogan = "Bringing affordable Internet to the masses";
$footer = ' <B>Bringing affordable, local Wireless Internet Access to the World. <BR>For further information please phone customer support on 787-2104.</B>';
$hotspotinfo = "Info Goes here";
$loginnow = "";
$loginnowtext = "Login Now!";

// Paypal parameters
$business = "dan@axis-tech.com"; //What account are we using w/paypal
//If transaction is success full, where do we go
$return = "http://www.axis-tech.com/wifi/success.php";
//If transaction is success canceled, where do we go
$cancel_return = "http://www.axis-tech.com/wifi/sorry.php";
//What Currency are we using
$currency_code = "CAD";
//What is our Location )Country)
$lc = "CA";

//Testing Information - Are we live or using paypal sandbox
$live = 1; // 1 = live, 0 = Sandbox

// To use this script for Payment Data Transfer (PDT) you must have Auto Return On
// In your paypal profile. You must also get your PDT token for the next step

//Paste your token from paypal here
$pptoken = "ZefdgskdjgUKLUDGjdgdfg98d5mkldfgdfjgsf9KJKjgldsfgudfg89Hxw-u";

// Are we running Chillispot? or Just writing to MySQL database for radius
// If we are using chillspot, we need uamsecret. - NOT IMPMENTED YET - WILL BE FOR CUSTOM LOGIN
$chillispot = "0"; // 1 = Using Chillispot, 0 = USing other Captive Portal
$uamsecret = "myuamsecret"; //Change this to reflect your values

//Email Settings
//The email is being sent usinmg your default php.ini email settings - More than likely, localhost
//Next version will include a host variable here
$to = "dan@axis-tech.com"; //Where the email is to be sent
$subject = "A new account has been generated"; //Change this for custom notification
$headers = "From: dan@axis-tech.com";

//Googe Anlytics - We are using this to track how many successfull conversions we get - from people just browsing, to successful transaction
$ga="1"; // 1 = Yes, 0 = No

//General Calculations
$seconds = 60;
$minutes = $sec / $seconds;
$hours01 = $minutes / 60 ;
$days = $hours01 / 24;
$weeks = $days / 7;
$months = $weeks / 4 + 2;
$years = $days / 365;
$perhour = $_POST['perhour'];

Developed by Dan Arbeau & Axis Computer Systems - Released GPL