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Welcome to Paypal Wifi Prepaid Site.

About the Project
This project was started after we could not find any scripts that would let us allow customers to prepay for their wireless internet handsfree.

Our Setup
We are setting up a Wireless Mesh in our city, unlike most meshes, ours is For Profit. We are using Centos for our Linux Distro, Chillispot for our Captive Portal, FreeRadius with MySQL extensions for authentication, and Paypal Prepaid Wifi (That's US!) for billing.

Our Goals
Right now the scripts are using hardcoded time options for choosing time options, (easy to configure for your own use), we are currently working on the next version to pull these from a time table, have user administration, and more ideas that we can come up with! Please send us your suggestions and feedback!

I am working on releasing a ISO that will install all these options for people to easily setup hotspots. This is taking a lot time and effort, so this feature will be a few months off.

How to Reach Us
Email: dan@axis-tech.com
Email is the best option right now, or you can start using the forums for discussions of this software.


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